Thursday, September 20, 2007

duran duran, red carpet massacre

Duran Duran is releasing a new alum (11/13). Why is this important to you? Firstly, "Rio" is one of the greatest songs known to man, now and forever. Secondly, generation "Y" has yet to produce a guilty pleasure heart throb that can stand up to Simon LeBon. My apologies to Zac Efron.

A special thank you to Would Be Hipster Melissa Kaye who sent us images from her listening party date with "the boys." She describes the experience as "Girls from the 80's loving dudes from the 80's."

Fair enough.

1 comment:

Suesjoy said...

oh how cool!
they are aging nicely!
I don't think they're that much older than ME.
Rio is one of the best pop songs ever written, agreed!

Laura: when is the Rufus coming???
Friday? Saturday?
I am assuming you will be reviewing the show for the poor souls who must miss his majesty??