Sunday, September 9, 2007

joan as police woman @ spaceland

Joan As Police Woman, brought to you, not by my shrinking unemployed bank account, but by the good folks at Flavorpill who deemed my answer to the question, “If Joan Rivers was a police woman, how would she fight crime1?” worthy of two free tickets. Even the most dedicated job hunters need a day out.

Sometimes first impressions are misleading. The first time I caught a Joan as Police Woman set - as part of a Rufus Wainwright European tour - I was underwhelmed. But second chances are a good thing, right? Joan as Police Woman’s album Real Life is a visceral experience. Painfully beautiful with a world-weary edge, by the end of the second track I was ready to cast my lover’s ashes to the four winds, marry my rich suitor, and take up a life in the arts in silent memorial to my true love…. Then the album ended and I remembered I don’t live in a Merchant Ivory film.

Emily Wells opened up the evening. A tiny gothic sprite sporting lights in her hair, Emily won me over by the second song of her set with the use of live sampling2. Her Bjork-like lyrics combined with haunting violin were simply surreal. The fact I’ve never seen her before can be held as definitive proof that society has indeed failed us all.

Joan as Police Woman bowled me over. Hers is an art that grows on you more with every listen. This time I found myself captivated by her odd vocal tics and haunting lyrics. Despite jazz-like overtones, Joan as Police Woman is secretly a punk rock affair. As Joan herself put it, “I used to play in a band called the Dam Builders…. I played violin through about twelve distortion petals and screamed a lot.” Although she has since traded abrasive instrumentals for a piano and guitar (my only regret of the evening is we didn’t get to hear her on violin!) Joan still retains raw punk emotion. All lovers have scars around their face or “left dead on the ground at your feet.” And Joan reminds her audience “It’s true what they say about me/ that I’m out of my mind/ and I think you like it.” My insanity only manifests itself artistically in the scribbled pages of my journal Joan creates jazz infused punk.

This hardly seems fair.

1.She wouldn’t. The threat of Joan’s inevitable critique of their mugshoots would be all the crime deterrent society would ever need.

2. To say I love live sampling is an understatement. Here's looking at you Mr. Owen Pallet.

Mp3: "The Ride (live)" by Joan As Police Woman


Suesjoy said...

oh yay! glad you had fun.
see i told you about the dam builders.
i'm still hip.
i will be as long as I keep reading your new blog- which is AMAZING.
Like you!

Thanks for spending your Friday with me! I'm so glad you got to see me off.

Take care my dear!
Still praying you get that dream job.
Love ya,

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