Sunday, September 2, 2007

spoon-based hip

There are people in this world who think I am a hipster. These people are few and far between, and they don't get out much. Or maybe they know something I don't. I think the easiest way to evaluate my hipster status is to examine my relationship with the band Spoon.

1. I do not like spoon.
· This is not a hip opinion. [ -5 points ]
· Going blatantly against popular opinion is kind of hip. [ +3 points ]

2. I think Spoon is boring.
· Obviously I don't get it. [ -3 points ]
· Or maybe their innovative new sound pales when compared to all of the other amazing, hip stuff I've been listening to, like Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble. [ + 5 points / + 2 bonus points for seeing Flash Hawk at Spaceland in June ]

3. But I really want to like Spoon.
· It's not hip to want to like a band. [ -3 points ]

4. And it should be noted that I like some of their singles, and I adore that bouncy little robot that dances to "I Turn My Camera On".
· Singles are never hip. [ -5 points ]
· That robot is really cute. [ +2 points ]

5. But mainly I think it's because their new bassist is Rob Pope, and although he's one of the greatest indie rock bassists out there, he's not been properly utilized on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and tends to be buried in the mix by horns.
· It's kind of hip to know who the bassist is, and to care about the production of the album. [ + 5 points]
· Wait. Rob Pope. Didn't he used to play with the Get Up Kids? [ -3 points ]

6. And if Rob Pope is playing blue-eyed soul with Spoon, he's not playing indie electo-pop sea shanties with White Whale. And I think the world needs more Moog-driven songs about drunken Naval officers and fewer boring pop songs that are trying a bit too hard to be post-modern.
· Dude. Indie electro-pop sea shanties FTW. [ +5 points ]

Which gives me an overall hip factor of -3. At least with regard to Spoon. Which sounds about right. Go ahead and listen to Spoon and to White Whale, and decide for yourself which band should take over the world.

mp3: "The Underdog" by Spoon
mp3: "The Admiral" by White Whale

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Jad said...

This post made me laugh.

(-3 points? Do hipsters laugh?)