Monday, September 10, 2007

our ill wills shout out louds

It’s Tuesday, the day Wal-Mart has decided Americans most like to consume new music.
I request - nah, order you to check out the Shout Out Louds' newest album, Our Ill Wills.

This album has ruined the last two months of my life. When I first got it, I was convinced that any break in listening would result in my head exploding. Now that I've returned to more mundane activities where music can't always be present (i.e. sleeping, showering), I still manage a listen or two a day. I love it so much I feel CWBH should implement some sort of rating system to express said love. I'm voting for the use of the platypus and interpretive dance.

Darn you Sweden and your answer to the Cure; you've out-cooled us again.

Never before have I had an album mark such a definitive period of my life. I should seriously consider sending a thank you note or something.

mp3: "Tonight I Have To Leave It" by The Shout Out Louds


Suesjoy said...

Thank goodness for Rhapsody...listening to this album as I type...very cool.
Love it!
I'm so glad you have this blog.
Keep it up!
Love ya,

Suesjoy said...

Do yourself a favor and read by blog bud Paul's latest post.
You will love it.

He's from Ireland...he lives in Boston now. Amazing writer. His last post was about Paris.
PS his screen name is Ahvarahn.