Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The title of this entry is in no way meant to sound disgruntled, but rather celebratory that two years of waiting have at long last resulted in this beautiful, beautiful moment.

Now that I've oversold it totally...Today that most beloved of record labels, Barsuk, posted an mp3 from Field Manual, Chris Walla's upcoming solo album. It's called "Sing Again". A live, acoustic version of this song has long floated around the internet, and if you're familiar with it, this will be even more startling. If not, and you're a geek like me obsessed with both extreme contrast and putting everything in its proper context, then download that original version (provided below) and listen to it first.

It should also be noted, for the sake of that aforementioned love of mine, context, how much has heretofore been made of the reportedly political tone of the album in the wake of the drive seizure scandal. All this time I've been wondering if I'm the only one who cares what the album actually sounds like. Now I have one-twelfth of the answer. The lyrics are decidedly pointed, yes, but the evolved version of "Sing Again" also evokes bright colors and the urge to bounce around your living room. It's as satisfyingly layered and detailed as you'd expect from a man who also makes his living so conscientiously producing other people's records.

Some might call this overanalysis for one lonely mp3 -- especially when there are still more than two months to go until the release of the entire album. I call those people meanie-heads and I refuse to let them ruin my joy.

mp3: "Sing Again (Live)" by Chris Walla
mp3: "Sing Again (Album Version)" by Chris Walla

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