Tuesday, November 6, 2007

shout out louds @ the henry fonda

According to the July 2007 official census, Sweden has 9,031,088 citizens. Judging by the number of times Sweden has been, and will be mentioned in this blog, it is my un-official estimate that two-thirds of the population are involved in music. This is, again, just an un-official estimate.

By now, it’s obvious that I love the Shout Out Louds. They could spit on me and hit me with their guitar heads, and I’d probably mention that while the music was outstanding, the stage banter could use a bit of work. What did they do to earn such blind adoration? About three months ago, they wrote an album that perfectly dovetailed with my current life phase. For me, Our Ill Wills will always be cider and midsummer, midnight sun and Debaser, quarter-life crises and fruitless job hunts...hey somethings don't change much in three months, do they? Music love, like the reporting here at Would-Be Hipster, is far from objective.

With that caveat firmly established, Monday’s show at the Henry Fonda was awesome. Even after seeing SOLs a few months ago (at the height of my belief that the band had been sneaking into my room reading my diary Scooby-Doo style), I still found it in me to nod my head awkwardly and grin like an idiot. If I ever get too jaded to appreciate repeated viewings of my favorite musicians, I want someone to smack me.

The evening's highlight was easily the final three songs. Seemingly shy Bebban (regardless of actual personality, I always equate her with fellow Swede Victoria Bergsman) stepped to the front of the stage to croon “Blue Headlights.” Performing live, there’s an aching quality to her voice - when she asks, “We are good people aren’t we?/ Do you know?” one has to wonder: does she mean it? Of course, SOLs aren’t ones for overt pontification. Immediately after her solo, Bebban announced, in halting English, that the next act was Irish. Another set of accents, in the form of two Irish brothers, joined the stage and the band broke out into “Streams of Whisky.” The riotous drinking song segwayed into percussive, heavy “Tonight I Have To Leave It,” the evening's pre-encore closer, complete with frolicking, multiple drummers, falling keyboards, and crowd surfing. Crowd surfing, for what I can tell, is one of the best arguments for becoming a rock star in the first place. Attempt it to these mp3s at your own risk.

mp3: "Time Left For Love (live)" by Shout Out Louds
mp3: "Tonight I Have To Leave It (live)" by Shout Out Louds

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Suesjoy said...

So, when are you moving to Sweden?

Anjoli is writing a fairy tale which features evil Swedish wizards. Of COURSE it's fiction. No evil exists in Sweden! :)

I will email it to you when she's finished it.
She's the editor in chief of a magazine that she started with some friends in her class (for FUN!).
She's got your disease, I think! She wants to study French in middle school (Sujoy insists she only study Chinese) so I say study both (Chinese w/a tutor).
She REALLY wants to study in France one day.
I swear she is your clone! (I hope!).