Saturday, December 29, 2007

free music

Holidays clean out your wallet? Well, boo-hoo. Some of us never had money to begin with.

In that spirit, we present you a list:

Twelve Really Great Places to Score (FREE!) Legal Music:

The State Of Samuel - Swedish indie pop reminiscent of a one man Clap Your hands Say Yeah! Check out his album Swedish Metal Aid in addition to a liberal smattering of his other work.

Salty Pirates - Sloppy, loud, and fun. In order "to fight the commercialism that's infecting the music industry today" they're giving away their entire catalogue. Let the party begin.

Wild Geese Music - A completely free music label. Check out Micheal Bach, a Swede who does Americana better than most Americans. (And a big thanks to Swedesplease for cluing us in to this great find!)

John Vanderslice - No collection is complete without Mass Suicide Occult Figurines. It's true.

Daytrotter - Live in studio freebies from... pretty much anyone who's hip and a few people you probably haven't heard of but should. Sondre Lerche, Sunset Rubdown, Au Revoir Simone, and Andrew Bird. Oh my!

Archaric Horizon Records - A completely free label dedicated to "advancing the Experimental." Home to our friends The Dandelion Council. Download and daydream away.

Inlets - A beautiful, day-dreamy EP from Sebastian Krueger, a.k.a. Inlets, partner in crime to Feist and My Brightest Diamond. The closest you'll ever get to a "sure bet" in the indie world.

Palmer AK - You need this EP.

Chris Walla - Because ako would kill me if I left off this gem. And because I know a good pop song when I hear one.

10· Logan Whitehurst - Strange, Andy Kaufman style humor that will have you singing along for days.

11· Jens Lekman - Rare EPs and live tracks from our favorite Gothenburger.

12· David & the Citizens - Only you can prevent the spread of gloom! Download the I Saw My Reflection and Didn't Recognize Myself ep today and do your part.

Runners up: the record labels: Sure they're trying to hook you, the first one's free, then you've gotta pay. But these select few really know how to dole out the goodies.




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