Tuesday, December 18, 2007

storm watch 2007

Terror fell over the southern California region today when water - yes, water - fell from the sky. Traffic on the 405 came to a screeching halt as rush hour commuters tried to come to grips with the new, potentially deadly situation. Said one stranded motorist, "It was horrible... I had to run my windshield wipers. I mean - you plan for these kinds of things, but when they happen, what kind of reassurance can we give our children?"

As always CWBH has you covered... at least music-wise.

If you need me, I'll be outside perfecting my Gene Kelly impression.

mp3: "Spring Came, Rain Fell" by Club 8. I dare you to find a situation when Swedish pop isn't appropriate.
mp3: "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (live)" by Bob Dylan. Metaphorical rain... ohhh!
mp3: "Umbrella (Rihanna cover)" by Amanda Palmer. Just yeah...

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