Wednesday, January 16, 2008

eat your heart out by the breakups

Though I remain as fiercely loyal as ever to my Pacific Northwestern heritage (all one generation of it), I have been forced to recognize more and more that there are, in fact, some pretty awesome bands in Los Angeles. Despite the atrocious weather.

One such band is the Breakups.1 The quintet, based out of "Hollywoodland," is getting ready to release their debut, self-recorded and produced EP, titled Eat Your Heart Out -- which, in completion of the "self" trifecta, will also be self-released. You have to admire that kind of do-it-yourself attitude.

The EP is comprised of eight tracks and six songs -- bookmarked on either end by an ill-fated telephone conversation between boy and girl (they're "breaking up," get it?) -- clocking in at approximately twenty-one minutes of "powerless pop"2 goodness. Awash in dense/quirky/at times unidentifiable instrumenation and more than a few hooks, the Breakups manage to make music that is at once dance-around-your-living-room and a satisfying listen on the headphones. The mood shifts with the genres, as the band explores a few possible identities. There's your jaunty pop-rock ("After the Fact"), your indie disco ("Let's See What Happens"), and, ever my favorite, your pensive folk ditty ("Winding Down").

All in all, it's a pleasing debut from a band who could henceforth steer their sound in any direction of their choosing. If you, like me, are for now resigned to remain a resident of the greater Los Angeles area for at least another month, you should attend the EP release party on February 13 at the Echo.

mp3: "Tissue Sample" by the Breakups
mp3: "After the Fact" by the Breakups

1I may as well admit, I was predisposed to like them as soon as I noticed their URL was "thebreakupssuck".
2I'm not entirely sure what this means, but maybe I just haven't listened enough.

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Shelley G. said...

Yaaaaaay! I LOVE the Breakups and can't wait for their EP. Best pop band in L.A., hands down!