Tuesday, January 15, 2008

please help the dresden dolls

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Hey Everyone.

i finally got the time to get together a list of what was stolen from The Dresden Dolls' trailer at Metropolitan and Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn late on 01/01/08.

I performed the night before with the Doll's opening band, Luminescent Orchestrii, as a little break from my tour-management duties and had alot of my favorite costuming pieces with me-- things that are pretty much irreplaceable (the belt made of textiles i purchased in thailand, etc., 7 of my favorite vintage hats, etc)

Here is a basic list of things i have figured out are goners....
Picture 1:
This is the costume i wore that night, it consists of:
Tan Vintage Hat
Black Ruffled Skin.Graft.Designs (for Post-War Trade) Skirt
Black Coin Bra with Brown Halter straps and center pendant (by Laughter of the Dead)
Cowrie Shell Hair falls (you can see these better in pic 2)

Picture 2 (that me getting smooched on the right):
80's party dress- strapless with polkadot tulle skirt, size 4.
Black Velvet 40's Hat with tulle face drape
Cowrie Shell Hair Falls (these are all cowrie shells with silver chain and black wool yarn tips) measure about 3' long! (by auntie magpie, one of my most prized possessions. ugh)

Picture 3:
that hat is gone. same hat from NYE smooch. better picture.

Picture 4:
Vintage Hat and Bonnie and Clyde necklace. gone.....

Picture 5:
Here's a great picture of the missing bellydance belt, those cowrie falls are on the belt this time, and also the missing coin-bra! Also one of those hoop earrings, too.

Picture 6:
That's me on the right, wearing the navy/ black with silver sequined veil. you guessed it, gone!

White/ Black American Apparel Large Duffel Bag
Bahama Joe Black Fabric briefcase
New Silver 80G iPod with "breakin' hearts and takin' names" engraved on back
retractable iPod cable
Size 25 Black Cheap Monday Jeans
Dell Laptop Charger
Canon IP90v Travel Printer/ Cable (has shadowscene and carina round stickers on it)
Size Medium Skin.Graft.Designs brand distressed brown leather cropped jacket with tails-- you'd know this if you saw it, it has a leather dream-catcher type thing on the back. it's ridiculously beautiful. i'd pay to get it back.

Oddly enough the netflix that was in there was returned right away! leads me to believe my stuff is just scattered around the streets in williamsburg. If anyone in the area finds/ sees for sale any of these things i would love to have them back and you will be rewarded.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

miss katie kay

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