Sunday, January 6, 2008

siberian @ the knitting factory

Siberian’s description calls them a, “great new group… they sound like they've been playing forever, but are pretty new, so the sky is the limit.” This wide-eyed, optimistic statement would be much easier to mock if I didn’t agree so whole-heartedly with its inherent sentiment.1

Formed 2004 in Seattle (a.k.a. where the good music lives) by frontman Finn Parnell and guitarist Colin Wolberg, Siberian plays host to a rotating cast of musicians, its roster currently filled out by bassist Zac Tillman, drummer Aaron Benson, and the apparently one-named, highly enthusiastic keyboardist Adam.

Although admittedly new at touring, Siberian knows how to preform. Despite strange band sequencing and sound issues that did no one any favors, Siberian put on a set that could best be described as anthemic. Their sound -- soaring, lush, English-synth influenced melodies, peppered with dark, soul-searching lyrics -- made me happy. It’s not that I’m an emotional masochist2, but when Finn sings, “Why do you hold me up so high? I’m the last one you should look up to,” I smile, and find myself glad someone heeded the call for a shoegazing Muse. Preforming live, Finn's voice takes on a Thom York via Julian Calabasas quality -- not that I have a problem with that.

The tragedy of the night was, of course, the poor turn-out. Let's blame the continuing deluge, shall we?3

But don’t fret at the missed opportunity to see their first Hollywood show, dear Los Angelinos; Siberian assures us another tour is already in the planning stages. So keep an eye on their myspace for updates, and be sure to catch them now while they're still haunting smaller venues...and before they hit that gosh darn limiting sky.

1. I’m a professional cynic – but my heart isn’t in it.
2. Except of course that I totally am.
3. On behalf of all Southern Californian concert-attendees, I apologize to all bands in the pacific northwest for our Ombrophobia.

(photo credit: David Studarus)

mp3: "Islands Forever" by Siberian

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