Sunday, February 24, 2008

in moonlit sound by we know, plato!

We Know, Plato! (complete with exclamation point) have a soft, piano-driven sound that reminds me of someone in that 60s Tin Pan Alley sort of tradition, but they make it their own, just different enough that I can never quite put my finger on who it is specifically they sound like. This Virginia-based band has recently released their debut EP, appropriately titled In Moonlit Sound. It's a collection of six songs full of strings and minor chords and melancholy that would probably be the perfect soundtrack for driving around in the snow on a quiet New England night. There's Beach Boysian harmonies and tender lyrics sung by sweet-voiced boys. "Enemy Spies" is the only place on the EP where they seem to really work for their exclamation point, rockin' the joint with a Who-inspired rhythm section, which is the perfect way to win this would-be hipster's heart. They also get brownie points for managing to work the word "palindrome" into the lyrics of "Hollow Bird", although I'm not sure there's any actual palindromes involved....

mp3: "Hollow Bird" by We Know, Plato!


Benvolio said...


"You 'shiver, sleep, shiver' like a palindrome".

Shiver, sleep, shiver. The actions, backwards, are...
get it? Hurrah! Hahaha.

I love the review! Many thanks, darlin(s).

aimee said...

Great band!
Great song(s)!
Great review!

Mark Strong said...

Lovely review gals!

We are so pleased you enjoy our music enough to write such kind words.

We cannot thank you enough for this nice review. We will try though, by promoting your blog on our myspace page and giving you a space in our "top friends".

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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