Tuesday, February 19, 2008

moonbeams by throw me the statue

Last November, Throw Me the Statue surfed into my consciousness on the heels of Jens Lekman...which admittedly is one of the easiest ways to catch my attention. However, unlike many opening bands that briefly strike my fancy, they stuck around.

Throw Me the Statue’s debut Moonbeams won’t cure cancer (this honor is more likely to be reserved by Robert Smith produced material) but it will put a spring in your step. This is the album your little brother’s garage band wishes it could make –- hooky three-chord anthems about girls and loss, sung over Commodore 64 beats. What is that we're always being reminded of? Oh yeah. Hipsters don't dance. Beware the turning tides...

Best at their poppiest, TMTS's slower songs don’t always pack the same punch. This is a shame because one such number, the titular "Moonbeams," contains some of the album’s most thoughtful moments. Lead man Scott Reitherman recounts the story of a character visiting his dead father and learning from his personal history. On a slower album this song would hit a nerve, leaving me (predictably) a bit vaclemt. Here, the thoughtful aside just confuses. The music reminds you that life’s a day in the sun -- then the lyrics kick in and your dad dies? Oh sweetie....

Overall, Moonbeams holds up to the promises made by its first two singles, "About To Walk," and "Lolita." TMTS is a jangely, bouncy, handcrafted and neurosis-tinged musical outing. Honestly, who needs much more than that? In any other part of the world, this would be where I'd say something about how, despite it being February, they've managed to sneak in a bit of an early summer. But yeah...I live in LA. So to Scott and the rest of the gang at Baskerville Hill Records, I'll just whisper a thank you, sure to be lost in the breeze of my open car windows and stereo cranked up to eleven.

mp3: "About To Walk" by Throw Me The Statue

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