Thursday, February 28, 2008

phylactery factory by white hinterland

There’s a moment in the film Juno, when titular character Juno MacGuff bends down, grabs a flower, and reflects, “I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for awhile.” That world-weary optimism perfectly sums up White Hinterland’s newest offering, Phylactery Factory.

The newest project from singer songwriter Casey Dienel, Phylactery Factory (out 3/4/2008) is quite possibly the travelogue of a journey every twenty-something longs to take part in1. We’re reminded amidst our travels that, “They’ll give you the Hometown Hooray/when you come home baby.” The question remains unanswered, come home from what? From the myriad stories explored in jazzy slurs over Vince Guaraldi-style piano, the answer could be, home from almost anything.

In a conversation with Daytrotter, Casey admitted, "I don't write a lot of songs specifically about me." One can assume that the specifics don’t read straight from Casey’s diary; after all, most people in their early twenties haven’t been intimately acquainted with war and peace. But as any practiced day-dreamer or literary figure will tell you, desire and world exploration are universal themes. So much in fact, it’s hard to believe the ideological base of this album hasn’t been gestating in raggedy three-ringed notebooks since high school2.

In all, Phylactery Factory is a beautiful, comforting, winter-tinged album - or alternately, an album for someone who can only long for a physical winter. White Hinterland is the storyteller for the person who has only started to see it all, and in a brief pause stops to consider it, before springtime whisks her out into the world – and on to her next great adventure.

1. Perhaps I speak for myself here?
2. Surely I can’t be the only one slowly starting to make peace with an over-wrought treasure trove of emo poetry?

mp3: "Dreaming Of Plum Trees" by White Hinterland

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