Monday, February 11, 2008

staring at yourself by i make this sound

After spending the day at one of Los Angeles’ fine film studios, it occurred to me – not for the first time – how hard it is to differentiate where the studios end and the smog-covered reality of Hollywood begins. Then again, reality is overrated. Reality involves over-due credit card payments, and rent, and unreturned phone calls. I’m more concerned with interesting diversions.

Thankfully, fellow Los Angelinos I Make This Sound have unveiled their new daydream soundtrack, the aptly named EP, Staring at Myself1. Escapists at heart, on their newest offering, the ambitious seven-piece dances around myriad genres, all connected by an emotional and lyrical theme. The result is essentially a band-made mix tape – one that I chose to believe was made solely for my benefit2.

The EP is comprised of 5 songs. Fans of While Whale will recognize – and no doubt appreciate – the narrative structure of I Make This Sound’s epic adventure song “The King and Queen.” Pop-philes will appreciate the bouncy guy/girl harmonies of “One, Two, Three!” Even Nebraska-based band Tilly and the Wall are vaguely recalled in the sonically crowded “I Could Never Know.” And for the jaded Silverlake “actual” hipster set? Well don’t worry...nothing gets too happy. Even the most chipper of us have to drive down dirty Hollywood Blvd. sooner or later, and amidst its epic ambitions this album has a fair dose of that gritty reality stirred in. In short – it’s a mixed bag, one that may take you a listen or two to “get,” but one well worth the listen.

So the big question is: What are you doing Febuary 13th? Kick Valentines off early, and join the cool kids (, Would-Be Hipsters) at the Echo for the Staring At Yourself release party.

1. There’s a Yoda quote hiding in here somewhere, I think.
2. Attached to this album, it’s not simply driving down the 405, it’s sailing my pirate ship towards a new future. I many need help....

mp3: "One, Two, Three!" by I Make This Sound

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