Tuesday, February 26, 2008

wool by nick jaina

Faced with an extensive upcoming tour, and no funds, troubadour Nick Jaina took to the streets, busking to make the needed money. He succeeded, and will soon be preforming in a town near you. I love this story of blind optimism. Or, more correctly, I love blind optimism that pays off. I continue to believe that Johnny Depp may one day return my phone calls, yet this time, my optimism has come to naught.

The math, for those of you who are keeping score: Nick Jaina’s musical ability > my attempts to catch Sweeney Todd’s eye.

Nick Jaina's new album Wool, available on Hush Records clearly deserves higher praise than this. Soft, piano driven melodies dominate the disk, creating an anachronistic atmosphere - one where it seems possible to have ...an apple seed stuck in my teeth/from which grew a beautiful tree. A world where, depending on the kindness of strangers, a person could actually come out ahead.

Songs cloaked in tactile imagery and woven with subtle musical mosaics, Nick leaves no stone, musical or literary, unturned. In short, this is gentle melancholic music for dreamers. Fans of Rufus Wainwright's musicality and Sufjan Stevens' storytelling beware: Wool may be difficult to turn off.

mp3: "Maryanne" by Nick Jaina

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