Sunday, March 30, 2008

free music #2

I'm still poor. How 'bout you? Here's another list of free music -- inspired by my empty wallet and today's new Stereogum release.

Twelve (More) Really Great Places to Score (FREE!) Legal Music:

The Lashes- I payed ten dollars for the first half of this power-pop sextet's album Thank You Side A. Money well spent, but here's the link to their Myspace where you can get it for free.

Billie The Vision & The Dancers - Bright Swedish pop with a melancholic undertone. Avid fans of Tilly And the Wall will latch onto this right away. For the rest of us, it's worth the download, if only to meet the mysterious "Pablo."

Bare Knees- Yes it's true...more Swedes. If you hated the Juno soundtrack, you might want to skip over this one. A low-fi dose of sweet, including an inexplicably wonderful Ace of Base cover.

Better Propaganda- A mixed tape of stuff you love, and stuff you probably should love.

Rain Music- A free, experimental label based out of France. Try the tasty Cake on Cake EP Sun-chairs.

The Collective Family- A collective that makes music rather than millions by giving away all their art for free.

B-Sides "R" Us - A blog specializing in legal out-of-print b-sides and rarities. Yea!

Acoustic and Rarities- A kissing kin to B-Sides "R" Us.

Team 9 - Mash-ups: when you just can't decide what to listen to first.

10· Go Home Productions-For when one mash-up site just isn't enough.

11· Seabear- With my love of all things Scandinavian you think I'd have checked out this gentle ambient-folk outfit before now. Shame...

12· Okkervil River- I know the Golden Opportunities EP has been around for a bit. So why haven't you downloaded it?

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