Monday, March 3, 2008

vs. the snow by the lk

The LK (or, if you’re not one for informal introductions: The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos and the Sound of K) comes "from the more violent parts of Scandinavia." One member has Synesthesia, the other likes dogs...or maybe not. Formed when "two lanky swedes stopped caring about keeping a band and took on doing what each of them love," the LK isn’t a band willing to spoil the mystery.

Their newest album Vs. the Snow (reissue out 3/4/2008) reflects this playful spirit, coming across as equal parts serious synth pop preformed with a wink, and controlled absurd chaos carried off with the highest level of artistry. Either way you slice it, it’s a whole lotta fun.

Relying on equal parts bloops and bleeps and organic sampling, a technique their myspace refers to as musique concrète, Vs. the Snow is the musical personification of an icy morning, mingled with the rush of adrenaline one gets from rushing to avoid prolonged exposure to said icy morning. True fact: California girls freeze under 15 degrees C. The more you know.

While the musical bed is pleasant enough, it's the lyrics that pull the project together, elevating it from a simple piece of sweet musical experimentation to full-fledged pop. Songs skate across the broad topic of love, verging into the absurd as so many relationships are bound to do. An ex-girlfriend's things are sold (although when sung by singularly named Fredrik, it's hard to picture the Lothario's malice). A lover will hide in the snow if I need you... just like a cat. In "Anorak and other complicated Words Beginning With An A", another sad Scandinavian reflects on the trivialities of ending a relationship, and naturally his remembrances all take the form of the first letter of the alphabet. These are just the themes that make a small measure of sense. In the great tradition of European kitsch, thus making it an instant stand-out favorite, one track is inexplicably named "Eurovision". While this title makes about as much sense as the competition itself - a four hour long moment-of-zen that would make John Steward weep with joy - I love it.

LK will soon be taking their snow-dusted electro-indie-pop stateside. Check out their tour dates here.

mp3: "Down By Law" by The LK


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