Saturday, April 26, 2008

sometimes they collide by the hectors

Like all good Would-Be Hipsters, we came to the party a little too late to be truly fashionable. The dog ate my review...I swear.

The review might be late, but the love is sincere. The Hector's newish EP Sometimes They Collide is the soundtrack to the Los Angeles I dreamt of before actually moving to to Los Angeles. Finding yourself on the side of the road at midnight with an overheating engine is enough to take the mystique out of any city, I guess. When my car actually runs, Sometimes They Collide is the perfect listening music for those late night, post-pie jaunts though Hollywood, provided you keep said jaunts EP length. Equal parts Karen O and Autolux, The Hectors bring Southern Californian sun-baked glitter glamour to traditional pop melodies. Light enough to be carried away on an unseasonably warm spring breeze and interesting enough for repeat listens, Sometimes They Might Collide serves as a solid reminder that that good music might be as close as your own backyard

(photo The Hectors: Geoff Kowalchuk)

mp3: "A Million Fingers" by The Hectors

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