Tuesday, May 27, 2008

little bit (ep) by lykke li

A good - what three years now? - into the Swedish invasion, the average indie music fan knows more about Sweden than its pervasive blondness and abundance of Ikeas1. Having said that, I've been personally charged by a friend with attempting to continue (or start) the myth that ABBA is played in all public areas of Stockholm. Fellow countrymen, make that as you will.

I digress.

So...chances are you've heard of Lykee Li2. After her hype-building SXSW performances and co-headlining tour with El Perro Del Mar, she's already got stateside indie fans itching to get their hands on her debut album, Youth Novels, now available just a tantalizing plane ride away in her native Sweden (or from your closest bootlegger...but seriously, don't be lame, even melancholy dance divas need to eat). In the meantime, we have Little Bit (available now) to tide us over. At four tracks, the EP is a bit of a tease, but a tease that's keeping me from writing disjointed, ill-informed rants about international release dates, for which I'm sure all four of our readers are forever grateful.

It's hard not to instantly take a liking to the deceptively sparse Little Bit. Despite the seemingly dancey intentions of the title track, it's mainly an intensely confessional stripped-down affair. On the stand out, "Dance. Dance. Dance.", the seemingly club-ready backing track is made up of little more than a single bass, drum rim and saxophone. This is minimalist club music for those of us who, well, hate clubs but like our angst with a bit of a beat.

Ideology-wise, Lykke's music is the love child of "square peg" rockers Elias & The Wizzkids and her childhood hero, Madonna. Sure, life is one big dance floor, but Lykke is in the corner, staring at her feet, praying for the night to be over and longing for the boy who has already exited the building. I can relate...and when it comes down to it, isn't that the most important element of all?

Youth Novels will see the light of day in the USA later this year.

1. Having said that, I just got a new couch this weekend. Thanks guys!
2. 'Cause we're good at coming unfashionably late to the party.

mp3: "Dance. Dance. Dance." by Lykke Li

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