Monday, May 19, 2008

someone still loves you boris yeltsin @ the echo

Of all the bands that I consistently try to get other people to listen to, there are few that I have evangelized more persistently over the last two years than Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin1. Last Tuesday night, they were kind enough to come to Los Angeles and validate most of the reasons for that evangelism. I would like to begin by formally extending my thanks.

In defining the set list, it might be easier to list what they didn't play. Most of Broom and Pershing (both of which, it goes without saying, you should own) were represented, along with an unidentified new song and "Half-Awake (Deb)" from last year's Not Worth Fighting single.

The thing that struck me most about this show was, for such a young band, what a solid grasp SSLYBY already have on what makes a good live performance. Songs that lilt along in their recorded form were sharpened in all the right places,2 and generally delivered with an enthusiasm that oozed into the audience.

The thing that stuck me second most about this show is that opener Port O'Brien were foolish enough to arm the crowd with pots and pans, but miraculously, no one was injured. At least seriously. That I'm aware of.

All in all, the night would have approached perfection if only House of Pies hadn't been closed. But don't worry about us. There's still post-Beirut pie next Friday to look forward to...

1Except maybe So Many Dynamos, who posted a new song called "New Bones" on their MySpace page today. You should care.
2Or else augmented by some really rockin' cowbell.

(photo SSLYBY: Aaron Scott)

mp3: "Accident (Live)" by SSLYBY
mp3: "What'll We Do (Live)" by SSLYBY

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good report!
I think the "new" song is an oldie that got a major re-working ... it's called "We Can Win Missouri" ... I think it was on the old Gwyn & Grace EP .... it's going to be on a new EP single that SSLYBY is putting out with their Internet buddies from Liverpool, a group called Puzzle (see link on the SSLYBY MySpace page). I realy like this song!
--Missouri fan