Tuesday, May 20, 2008

svenska indie pop rockar fett...just not for us.

Due to a ticketing snafu, we were left out in the cold, unable to see El Perro Del Mar and Lykee Li at the El Ray. Tough break. And while many adventures were had this evening, none were musical in nature. Although for what it's worth, I did learn the fine art of gangster rap Mario Brothers.

So, in lieu of ACTUAL content -- like you come here for that anyway -- here's a playlist of Swedish chicks we think rock...even if they are prettier than we are.

Tip: ABBA's Greatest Hits and a lingonberry beverage of your choosing...cheaper and more fun than Mama Mia.

mp3: "Inner Island (The Hood Internet Remix)" by El Perro Del Mar
mp3: "I'm Good I'm Gone (CB Remix)" by Lykee Li
mp3: "Hours Pass Like Centuries (demo)" by Taken By Trees
mp3: "Highschool Stalker" by Hello Saferide
mp3: "He Keeps Me Alive" by Sally Shapiro
mp3: "Nothing Burns Like Bridges" by Penny Century

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