Wednesday, July 16, 2008

confessions of a would-be hipster underground

"Well, I was thinking of taking you on a cultural tour of L.A."
"That's the first fifteen minutes, then what?"

Let's face it...LA can occasionally feel like a bit of a wasteland. It's impossible to live here without, sooner or later, embracing the stereotypes - says me, the vegetarian who works in entertainment. On the bright side, being an Angeleno does make it easy to pull out random seemingly impressive star-related antidotes at dinner parties. Although sometimes, I will admit, I worry my "Rivers Cumo at Spaceland" story is getting a bit worn around the edges.

Thankfully, even amidst the smog choked, rush-hour driving, double decaf soy latted lizard-land dwellers, there's signs of life. And for that reason, Confessions of a Would Be Hipster loves Los Angeles based blog La-Underground. This year they celebrate their eleventh birthday. Yes. eleventh birthday. Do blogs age at the same rate as dogs? Don't worry guys, you don't look a byte over ten.

We kid, only because we love. And of course, we kid to cover up our raging jealousy. If we make it to eleven will we be as cool as you? Yeah. Probably not. Thanks for, amidst our collective obsessions with bands flung around the globe, reminding us that sometimes the best music is made right in your own zip code.

Rock on guys. Happy Birthday.

mp3: "New York" by Sara Lov
mp3: "I Hear You Drowning but I'm Tied" by Letting Up Despite Great Faults
mp3: "Animals Wearing Clothes (live at Spaceland)" by The Deadly Syndrome
mp3: "My Thin Sides" by Army Navy
mp3: "Sideways (remix)" by Let's Go Sailing

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