Wednesday, July 23, 2008

covers: part three

Part three of the covers series! This time: Seriously?

I think my favorite type of covers are the ones that should never have been made. The song is too ludicrous, the musicians have no reason to even listen to it, let alone record it themselves. Nothing about it makes any sense. But it makes me happy. I think it goes to prove that the worse the song originally, the greater the ironic-cover becomes. I knew "Kokomo" was a stupid song when I was a six-year-old obsessed with Jem cartoons and Mousercise. But when Adam Green and Ben Kweller harmonize with their "tropical contact high," it's pure genius.

Although...I don't think Rivers is being ironic....

"Complicated" – originally by Avril Lavigne, covered by Ben Gibbard
"Careleess Whisper" – originally by George Michael, covered by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright
"Power of Love" – originally by Celine Dion, covered by Final Fantasy
"Beat It" – originally by Michael Jackson, covered by Fall Out Boy
"Kokomo" – originally by the Beach Boys, covered by Ben Kweller and Adam Green
"Never Tear Us Apart" – originally by INXS, covered by Matt Pryor and James Dewees of the Get Up Kids
"Tomorrow" – from the soundtrack to Annie, covered by Rivers Cuomo

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stacer said...

i love these covers blogs. and omfg, fall out boy's cover of beat it (and its subsequent release as their new single) sucks so bad i don't think i could ever listen to it again.