Thursday, July 17, 2008

indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull soundtrack

Review by guest hipster: PWC

Way back in the abyssal trenches of my mind, the shrouded relics of my memory dwell like ancient Atlantean ruins, their decaying edifices bespeaking of a time when the world was younger – and when I was younger, too. I remember going to film school in Northridge, driving up White Oak Avenue in sweet Granada Hills, driving the very same street they filmed E.T. The Extra Terrestrial as Elliot and friends took flight, listening to the John Williams score to the same film. Late nights staring at the stars and the mountains listening to the Close Encounters score. Standing in an empty house at night listening to Always and reflecting upon feeling what Apollo 15 astronaut may have touched with his words on walking the moon: “We felt an unseen love. We are not alone.” Late nights in Junior High poring over the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack. And here we have the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. I don’t really know what to say, John Williams is classic, and I have found him to be most enjoyable when I listen to him not as a soundtrack composer, nor as a classical composer, but rather when I approach the soundtracks as a kind of artifact from a particular time, a particular place; I find I enjoy scores most when the varied emotions and fragments of memories embedded within my childhood experiences of particular films are recalled back up by the score – by the particular way a woodwind flurries, by the timbre of the reverb of a recording, by the opening notes of the endcredits, by the familiarity of the Indiana Jones trumpet. Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls may be a rather silly film (ancient Mayan civilizations being connected to alien beings seems out of the scope of an Indiana Jones film, not to consider being a rather tired concept), but the score still has built-in nostalgia and emotional triggers ready-made for mid 80s childhood reminiscing.

mp3: "Call of the Crystal" by John Williams

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