Tuesday, August 26, 2008

never never love by pop levi

Review by Guest Hipster: L.A.R.

The former bassist of Ladytron, Jonathan Pop Levi brings it on strong in his sophomore release Never Never Love (out today). A bold, self-assured, flamboyant pop sound -- liberally peppered with tasty hooks, phatty electro beats and completely over-the-top romantical lyrics, the surprising replayability and an impeccably shiny, shrink-wrap production job make this one of my favorites albums of the year thus far. Pop Levi opens strong with “Wannamama,” showcasing a strong, electro-rock, sassy sound. Flexing his musical muscle, Pop Levi takes us on a funky tour of his repertoire – the pink, sugary sweetness of “Mai's Space”; the Funky, 80's tasting “Everything & Finally”; and “Fountain of Lies,” full of sweeping strings, synth lines and the dramatic vocals that seem to beg for a theatrical drama bemoaning the tragedy of love.

Most the songs on the album are strong, stand-alone pieces of radio-ready electro-funk-pop, prepared to be fed to the masses -- but “Never Never Love” is more than a bunch of singles – it boasts a surprisingly “listenable” sound as an album. The tracks are unique and by the sound of it, painstakingly produced and free of repetition; giving a saccharine-sweet slow burn that will have you listening to it for quite a while. It's sound is fun, polished and smacks of that over-the-top “silly-but-oh-so-cool” pop flavor reminiscent of Prince or Beck.

I was really impressed by the quality and uniqueness of the sound Pop Levi brings to the table in “Never Never Love.” He manages to bring out a light, fun and surprisingly replayable sound -- A definite must if you are a fan of any of the afore-mentioned artists, are looking for a fun, light album to play in the car and impress your friends with, or – my personal favorite -- something dance to when you're alone... besides that old Abba record.

He's got most of his new album up for free listening -- check it out at his myspace.

mp3: "Never Never Love" by Pop Levi

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