Thursday, September 11, 2008

does you inspire you by chairlift

Review by Guest Hipster: PWC In which Chairlift’s Does You Inspire You Is Reviewed
Within the Somewhat Odd Form of Pictures and Accompanying Captions.

In which the reviewer sees the Brooklyn-based band Chairlift opening for Ariel Pink at LA’s local hipster repository the Echoplex.

In which the reviewer is quite delighted by the classic, shoegazey guitar, the apocalyptic teenage 80s atmosphere, the danceable beats and, above all, the impressive confidence, dynamics and stage presence of lead singer Caroline Polachek's voice and keyboard-pummeling.

In which the reviewer lies in awe on his bedroom floor listening to Chairlift's debut album, Does You Inspire You.

In which the reviewer falls into a 1987 starfield, enraptured in the reverse bossa nova beats of "Garbage", the sweet-natured keyboards and guy/girl vox of "Planet Health", the bouncy blue sky pop of “Bruises”, the unbelievably rad twee-preset synths and odd lyrics of “Evident Utensil”, the dreamy dynamics of “Make Your Mind Up”. A lot of these tracks conjure up a sense of tip-of-your-tongue nostalgia, the evocation of unnamed moods and a vague sense of memory, which is one of my favorite things about the gift of music in general.

In which the reviewer finds himself sucked into some sort of vortex of sound, bliss-guitars and cushy synths swirling within the context of thoughtful song structures and interesting (and semi-bizarre lyrics).

In which a hedgehog appears and cryptically murmurs phrases which might successfully describe Chairlift to a curious inquirer - "if M83 is the soundtrack to an epic widescreen 80s movie about teenagers, robots, aliens and car crashes, then perhaps Chairlift acts as the soundtrack to a modestly budgeted, charmingly quirky TV series set in a high school in the late 80s", or "perhaps Beach House with a pronounced New Order-era pop sensibility and production sheen".

In which the reviewer cuts through the specifics of such comparisons, and simply offers an earnest and honest appraisal in the form of a thumbs up. Yes, indeed, Chairlift is rad.

Upon which note, the review ends.

Edit: Now that Chairlift is playing in the big leagues, previous Mp3 freebies are considered "copyright infringement." Pity.

mp3: "Earwig Town" by Chairlift
mp3: "Evident Utensil" by Chairlift


Anonymous said...

whoa! this review must have been a lot of fun & work. nice drawings!

heidi hough said...

you're funny and insightful. good job on this ;)

too bad i missed that show. i've been seeing ariel pink for a couple years now. although nothing lately.