Sunday, September 14, 2008

theresa andersson @ hotel cafe

In all honesty, I probably wouldn't be able to get off my death bed for live musical sampling. But darn it, I've got gumption. Chances my nurses, having since abandoned me after I refused to stop calling my case of the sniffles my "death bed," would find me flopped on the floor, limbs a'flailing, raggedly whispering, "No really, I've gotta go to the gig, I heard she was adding a hammer dulcimer to the mix tonight!"

Add Theresa Andersson to the list of performers I would gladly risk life, limb, and dignity to see practice the fine art of looping. After hearing her superb debut album, I had her pegged as the break out of 2008. After seeing her short but sweet set at the Hotel Cafe on Thursday, I'm surprised it has taken her this long. Now don't get me wrong, I'm an elitist indie blogging snob, but I'm also a giver. And with music this strong, I shouldn't be able to lurk in shadows at the back of the venue and still have a clear line of sight to the stage. I just shouldn't.

In addition to feeding my obsession1 and giving Andrew Bird a run for his money, Andersson's got a voice that could stop a Creole funeral procession dead in its tracks. A transplant from her native Sweden to New Orleans, Andersson's voice drips with the influence of her adopted home town. It's such a strong instrument that two songs, tributes to her southern influences, were preformed acapella. With an iTunes full of singers who get by more on passion than talent, sometimes I forget that people can actually sing. Add that to a charming stage presence, (she's clearly the gentile southern belle this anti-social blogger can only long to be), adorable, self-made backing band (Theresa looped 4 times = The Kitchenettes, complete with four distinct personalities!) and overall talent, and you've got, well, a freakishly great recording and live artist who can transcend any hype thrown her way2.

In the interest of full disclosure, my first music memories are my step-father's Beach Boy tapes. I played in the community jazz band. In short, I'm predisposed to like Theresa Andersson. But something tells me, you might too. Check her out at smaller venues now before the rest of the world catches on.

1. No really, how does she keep so many plates spinning? If you ever want a real show, give me a piece of gum and ask me to walk a straight line.
2.And darn tooting, we're trying to throw some of that hype!

mp3: "Birds Fly Away" by Theresa Andersson
mp3: "Na Na Na" by Theresa Andersson


Leila Marie said...

I have to say, I agree with you as to why it has taken her this long to be in the limelight. Her sweet musical stylings prove to me that there is still talent left in this world.

Personally, after I saw her live, I just couldn't stop raving about it. It appears to me that for an indie rock style musician that Theresa is one of the few that can convey a story throughout her music and her live set.

José said...

If you liked her live show then catch her on the Conan O’Brien Show upcoming on Feb. 4, 2009. Its sure to be her best performance yet. Check out her myspace to see if she will be in your area anytime soon She will be back at the Hotel Cafe in L.A. in January where you will have 4 chances to see her live show.

LMS said...

Awesome! It's so nice to see her get the attention her work deserves.