Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the way that it was by pierre de reeder

It occurs to me that I romanticize the changing of the seasons way too much. I long for a reason to add additional quilts to my bed, to order my lattes "extra hot," and not because I actively enjoy burning my lips and tongue on Starbucks' latest brew. I want to catalogue shades of tree leaves and feel some urgency in sneaking in as many daylight hour activities as possible. Dang it, I want a way to mark the passage of time other than writing another rent check.

For the rest of the country, those folks outside of the SoCal bubble where seasons actually exist, Pierre de Reeder's solo debut The Way That It Was (out now), is probably stirring up pleasant sun-dappled memories of the summer that's quickly slipping away. You'll have to forgive my coming late to the party - I was on the lawn with a veggie burger and a glass of white wine. But, out since August 12th, this album is quickly on the path to become a sweet, but overlooked summer gem.

The title The Way That It Was is as accurate description as any for de Reeder's gentle nostalgia-drenched sound. With songs rooted in a sweeter, gentler, folkier time than the material from his day job, the listener is taken on a journey, washed with themes that any 20-something can relate to. Now, it's natural to compare band mates' side projects - and it's probably not natural to feel the amount of self loathing to I'm about to experience for doing so1. But the truth is, I've never owned a rabbit fur coat2. I have, however, experienced loneliness, age-related crises, and late night chats reminiscing with friends.

The bottom line: Is it so wrong to occasionally crave accessibility? Or a reminder of summers past? Both are attributes the sweet, airy The Way That It Was has in spades.

1. Full disclosure: I spent a large portion of time last year in the car and shower doing Jenny Lewis karaoke.
2. However, friends and family might argue I suffer from an Acid Tongue.

mp3: "The Long Conversation (RCRDLBL)" by Pierre de Reeder


colleen said...

the turning of seasons if one of the things i miss so very much as a california native. i guess i'm kind of a purist that way...when it reaches near the end of september, it should be getting very cold...i should not be able to go out without boots on Xmas day because of snow...much less run around on the lawn in bare feet and shorts.
oh well.
i will check out this music, though :)

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