Thursday, October 30, 2008

for life by hearts of palm uk

They said it could never work... She was a sentimental girl band, singing about a love that came so close to working; warm, sincere and influenced by folk. He was a cool and subdued synthesizer, driving beats and modulating sine-waves were his specialty; dreaming of bands like I Am Robot & Proud and Freescha, he would never go lyrical... Until he met her... until now. Hearts of Palm UK's new album, “For Life,” has wed the the sad, longing bride to the synth-drum kit groom and created a beautiful baby of soft-spoken, heartfelt and wonderfully awesome synth-pop; and it sounds really, really cool.

Songs like “I Flow” and “So Long” showcase the real strength of Hearts of Palm UK's style – the heart-felt and sincere “girl-with-guitar” lyrics interwoven with subdued and cool electronic sounds that seem to somehow emphasize through contrast the warm voice and emotionally charged lyrics. To top it off, lead singer Erica Electra has a voice perfectly suited to her music – a sincere tone that manages to remain vulnerable yet strong and completely believable throughout her tales of love found and subsequently lost. Synth leads fill in the background, subdued drums keep time and sweeping pads soar over the whole thing – even the vocoder gets in on the action.

A wonderfully executed and sincere take on the terrible joy of relationships -- and the complexity of feelings they bring up and leave behind, all scored to the beeps and boops any electro junkie would love. Not to mention is just sounds so cool. If it sounds awesome, that's because it is.... and by awesome I mean check them out .

mp3: "I Flow" by Hearts of Palm UK
mp3: "People & Logistics" by Hearts of Palm UK

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