Tuesday, October 14, 2008

los angeles is burning. again.

Los Angeles is burning. I'm hiding from the smoke and 85 degree heat, cowering like a cockroach in the darkness and (relative) air cleanliness of my apartment.

Happy autumn everyone!

mp3: "Don't Blame the Weatherman (live)" by Steve Burns
mp3: "Grapevine Fires (live)" by Death Cab For Cutie
mp3: "Campfire Kansas (live)" by Get Up Kids
mp3: "I'm on Fire (live)" by Bat For Lashes
mp3: "Ashes (demo)" by Rufus Wainwright


Brickhouse said...

Oh my goodness! Where in the world did you get that Steve Burns mp3??? Maybe I've been out of the loop. :)

LMS said...

It's a live show from several years ago. He STILL hasn't put out a new album, despite several cheap promises.

Not like I'm dying for new Steve or anything!

Anonymous said...

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