Wednesday, October 1, 2008

na na ni by fredrik

Earlier this year, The LK released a really good album called Vs. the Snow. This is of course, a gross understatement. It's a great album, one filled with electro-pop hooks that make for almost instant addiction. Thank goodness Lindefelt and Fredrick are finally releasing their side project Fredrik's debut album Na Na Ni stateside (October 28th). A few more months without output from my favorite Swedish synesthesia suffers and I would have been reduced to haranguing passersby in attempts to get my indie rock fix1.

Will work for Moog solos.

It remains to be seen if Na Na Ni will do the trick, but this much can be said - it's instantly likable, and should in no way be written off as a simple stopgap, even if amist the genre hopping there are marked similarities. Much of Na Na Ni's highlights feel like what might have happened if The LK had lost power while programming the bloops and bleeps of Vs. The Snow. If the juice was turned back on, songs like "1968" and "Black Fur" would have no problem fitting on a Vs. The Snow sequel. For now though, Lindefelt and Fredrick seem more than content to dabble in beautiful unsampled samples. What is that called? Oh yea, folk!

Once one stops looking to draw parallels between the two projects (or in my case, realizes the similarities are enough to carry her though), the different become evident. Breathtakingly evident. (Gee...aren't I just Captain Obvious today?) Within Fredrik2, Fredrik's and Lindefelt's hats are in permanent tip, not to their forefathers of pop, but rather to the Eastern Folk tradition. It's a strong departure which, on songs like "Ninkon Loops" and "Na Na Ni," work in totality. Other times, as is the case with the delicious album closer "Morr," it's as though the members of Beirut swallowed a copy of a pop anthology while Zach Condon's back was turned, making for a not-unpleasing hybrid between the old and new worlds.

In November, Fredrik heads out for a tour of the US. On The LK's last tour they bypassed LA. Come on guys, don't make me beg for a fix...

1. Who will fill the Postal Service shaped hole in my heart now?
2.Did Lindefelt pull the short straw? Or is there a second side-project with his name attached? Ooohhh...

mp3: "Black Fur" by Fredrik
mp3: "1986" by Fredrik

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