Thursday, November 20, 2008

the rantings of a Get Up Kids fangirl

There are three things that should be known about me:
1. I like a lot of unexpected music, and usually I like it quite fervently.
2. I do not read as many music blogs as I should, apparently.
3. I jump up and down when I get excited, usually in unfortunate situations.

So Thursday morning, when a fellow Would-be Hipster emailed me at work to tell me that she had just read that the Get Up Kids played a show in Kansas City and that they're planning to tour in 2009, I got up from my chair and jumped up and down in the middle of our open-space office. My art director laughed at me. The programmers were confused by me. My project managers were in another part of the building scorning me, but none of it mattered, as I have been promised the Get Up Kids. (I then found an email from a more sinister Would-be Hipster, demanding to know why I didn't know before Stereogum. What can I say, I have to work for a living. And at work, it's less conspicuous if I read Photoshop Disasters.)

Yes, I know, the Get Up Kids count as emo. But they're the good emo! They're the emo before Fall Out Boy and after the hardcore kids who got dumped by their girlfriends. They've got unfortunate sweaters and the best rhythm section around and Matt Pryor screaming1 and, most importantly, they've got Something to Write Home About, which is being re-released by Vagrant for its tenth anniversary, complete with DVD and photo booklet. The Kansas City show was promoting the re-release, and they did the whole album live, with shows next year to follow. There's video footage of just about every song, and while the quality isn't brilliant, it's still pretty good.

And yes, I'll admit that it's a bit silly for a band to have "broken up" three years ago to be doing what may or may not count as a reunion tour. But hey, it works for the Who2.

1. They also, apparently, have James Dewees sporting my father's haircut from 1978, which is unfortunate, and Rob Pope in glasses and a cardigan which is, well, let's just say it's somewhat more fortunate.
2. When I was in college, I talked my father into giving me his beloved Who shirt, which he purchased at "the Who's first farewell tour, before Moon even died". Maybe one day I'll have a nephew asking me for my Get Up Kids shirt, purchased at their "first farewell tour" in 2005.

mp3: "I'll Catch You (accoustic)" by the Get Up Kids
mp3: "Red Letter Day (live)" by the Get Up Kids

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Briana said...

I am also very excited, while I did not jump up and down my heart did a little leap! Where can I find their tour dates? Also I like emo and I am a grown woman and I don't care who knows it! Be proud. And I am glad that you into!