Wednesday, November 26, 2008

summer/winter nights by the argument

It's no secret I'm a fan of the Swedish music scene. Swedesplease and It's A Trap! are daily reading. I send my friends in the region long ranty e-mails about international releases (and America's general inability to import Swedish tea, candy, and cider). So when The Argument send us a flattering e-mail asking if we might say a few words about their new release...well boys, you had me at "Hej."

So our two bits of the local currency (In Sweden called the Öre ...the more you know). The Argument, and their debut album Summer/Winter Nights, is a lot of fun. Deceptively simple, this is deconstructed pop for the masses. It's low-fi but promising, the sort of sound you can imagine made by the perfect house party band, or shined up to be embraced as the next Shout Out Louds. Either way they're out to guarantee a good time had by all.

It feels a bit foolish to post an mp3 since thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can get the whole album right here for free. If you like our taste test, I suggest you do so immediately.

Mp3: "Forget About The Politics" by The Argument


T said...

just fyi...

ore = cent
krona = dollar

LMS said...

two bits = two cents = two ore?

math has never been my strong suit.

T said...


very good