Saturday, December 13, 2008

curtain speech by dm stith

Asthmatic Kitty is having a great year. Welcome Wagon, My Brightest Diamond, Grampall Jukebox, and now youthful upstart and Shara Worden protege, DM Stith. Clearly, it's good to be a chamber pop genius these days. (Insert obligatory comment about how we need Sufjan Steven's next offering now.)

At seventeen minutes and five songs, there's (admittedly) only so much that can be said, or in the name of linguistic conservation, so much that should be said about the oh-so-pretty Curtain Speech. Then again, when have we ever cared about that around here? (Linguistic conservation that is; there's always room in the heart of a would-be hipster for "oh-so-pretty.")

Yes, Curtain Speech is just an EP. Yes, it's only a forerunner to his upcoming full length. (Give me time. In addition to asking Santa for a new CD in Sufjan's States project, I might also be putting in requests for a bit of Stith.) But, popping it into your CD player has a magical effect: Stith's ridiculously varied vocals and gentle orchestration makes time stand still and responsibilities temporarily fade. Yesterday morning I listened twice before realizing that yes, that was a mere 34 minutes of my life I sat rapt, and no, I'm still not late for work. Work...what's that again?

Keep your eye out on his website. Good things are afoot.

mp3: "Just Once" by DM Stith

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