Wednesday, December 17, 2008

midnight mission/toys for tots @ the echoplex

I was going to write a review. A glowing review of our own party. But you'd probably figure out that I was more than a little bias. So I'm not going to.

I mean, I was going to mention that The Voyeurs might be LA's answer to Mates of States. And that Tandemoro's cover of "Heart It Races" made me smile. I was also going to throw in a positive note about Davey Ingeroll and Pierre de Reeder's cool singer songwriter spirit. I was going to make some less than veiled self-deprecating remark about how all the Would-Be Hipsters wish we were cute enough to throw on a pink dress and join the Damselles. I was going to wrap it up with a mention that Aaron Espinoza rocked the brave souls who stayed long enough to hear his "holidays in the ghetto" version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas." (Then I was going to throw in an extra comment about how it's available on our album.)

Heck, I was even going to mention that if you need music for a house party you'd be well off asking Letting Up Despite Great Faults or the Dandelion Council to spin for you.

But I'm not going to do that. You'd never believe me anyway.
The Damselles

Pierre de Reeder with Jeff Litz


Aaron Espinoza (of Earlimart)

(as always, photos courtesy of our favorite photographer: David Studarus)

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