Thursday, December 18, 2008

plastic snow fire sale

Does plastic snow melt in a fire?

Anyhow, Christmas is now a week away. At the rate I'm going all presents will be delivered somewhere around...July.

In honor of the madness and joy of the holiday season, Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster is now selling our beloved album Plastic Snow for a mere nine dollars. That's right nine bucks gets you sixteen tasty holiday and winter tracks by our favorite local artists. It's our way of saying, "thanks for reading another year of our self-indulgent rants."

As always, all proceeds go to Midnight Mission.

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Price: $10.00 $9.00 (16 high-quality DMR-free Mp3s)


1. breaking up for christmas - the breakups
2. Holiday – I Make This Sound
3. Icicles (Plastic Snow Session) – Let’s Go Sailing
4. Christmas Drill – Dreaming Ferns
5. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Earlimart
6. Shortest Day of the Year – Letting Up Despite Great Faults
7. The Last December – The Hectors
8. This King – Great Northern
9. As The Day Breaks – Carmen Rizzo
10. Christmas, California – The Sweet Hurt
11. Winter, That’s All – Fol Chen
12. Hot Sleigh – The Monolators
13. Christmas Break – The Dandelion Council
14. Where’s My Christmas Morning – Princeton
15. What Brings You Back (Plastic Snow Session) – Pierre de Reeder
16. Silent Night – Sara Lov & Dustin O'Halloran

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