Monday, December 8, 2008

welcome to the welcome wagon by welcome wagon

Sincere is the new ironic. We already knew that; we're Would-Be Hipsters. We trade in sincerity (otherwise we'd take the "Would-Be" out of our name). So trust me when I say that Welcome Wagon's Welcome to the Welcome Wagon (out tomorrow) is pretty neat. Swell, actually.

Nestled neatly between label mates Half-Handed Cloud's frantic Sunday School kitch and the Flannery O'Connor spirituality of Come on Feel the Illinoise, the result is appealing mix of Sufjan, Sunday night church services, and...the Smiths? (Double checks song credits on "Half a Person". Yup.) It sounds pretty and it means something! No, really!

Of course, let's face it: gospel pop, infused with Carter/Cash musicality and White Stripes rawness and produced by sincere Bible believers is going to be a tough sell with the hipster crowd -- even with producer Sufjan Stevens' trademark banjos and oboe trills. Which is a shame, really. Artifice-free art should always have a place. These are talented musicians singing about what they believe and live. In a world where at the end of a day extolling the values of a strong street persona, even Kanye goes home to his mansion, The Welcome Wagon's sweet refusal to conform seems downright revolutionary.

mp3: "Sold! To the Nice Rich Man" by Welcome Wagon


colleen said...

great, great post, laura! you hit everything right on the head. just lovely.
i'll have to get this album :)

Anonymous said...