Wednesday, January 28, 2009

eps everywhere

EPs are like flirting. A look, a wink, a catchy hook...and then, with any luck, you're left breathless with a crumpled piece of paper containing a release date for an LP wedged in your sweating hand. Like the good-looking guy winking at me from across the room, here's a few EPs that have been catching my ear over the past six or so months. Here's hoping he's not gay it's the sign of full-lengths to come.

m.a.g.i.c by the sound of arrows

Their second EP in so many years (available today), The Sound of Arrows are quickly turning into habitual flirts. This time though, with their first full-length on the horizon, the pretty boys of the Swedish electopop scene might be ready to commit, ready to create "Magical landscapes, sprinkled with stardust and unicorns, churches and kids." While the samples are a bit more obvious this go around, the source of their sonic magic isn't quite so clear. Why is this so appealing? I'm betting on a combination of my ongoing Labrador addiction, some sort of Swedish Harry Potter-style wizardry, and good-old-fashioned work ethic from two musicians still young enough to be dubbed "wunderkind." 

mp3: "M.A.G.I.C" by The Sound of Arrows

imaginary by the happy hollows

I have to admit, this took a bit to grow on me. Hence the review on an album that came out sometime before...Christmas? Before Halloween? (I honestly have have no was probably earlier. I'm making this up as I go along.) My main problem before finally coming around to this glorious punk-rock renaissance: I'm not by nature a rocker. (I'm more of a "mocker.") However, this is something special. The Happy Hollows are the Sonic Youth on Prozac we've always hoped for. The Imaginary EP is fresh, youthful, fun, and constantly on the verge of either falling apart or dancing into the sunset if not for lead-woman Sarah Negahdari's riot girl growl. The best part? You can grab this album for free.

mp3: "Lieutenant" by Happy Hollows

panesian nights by cfcf

I'm still riding the wave of obsession generated by Cut Copy's last album. Thankfully, while, they're off touring, we have Canada's answer to the rainbow synth, CFCF. The band that struck my fancy as part of the Sally Shapiro remixes, caught the ear of record executives, and voila! An EP was born. Occasionally I find myself still wishing there was a voice over the deliciously trashy 80s beats, but you've gotta save something for the second date, right?

mp3: "Crystal Mines" by CFCF

valencia by penny century

Sometimes an EP brilliantly catches a young band on the rise. Honestly, when the up-and-coming Rilo Kiley e-mails you, how are you to say no? Answer: you don't. That would be crazy talk. The music is poppy, the lyrics heartfelt. This is the song-craft of an eternal youth spent in the northern Sweden sunshine (don't laugh). The fact that all the band members are in their early-twenties means the party has just started. Here's to the next album and century.

mp3: "Valencia" by Penny Century

hot work
by the pity party

LA darlings The Pity Party are marketing to you (or so claims their Myspace). The good news is, the first taste, their Hot Work EP can be yours for the price of an e-mail address! If you act now, they'll throw in squealing guitar riffs, vocals from a chick who could most definably beat me up in a dark ally and Autolux-style angst. Bonus: they're as good with pointy sticks as they are pointed hooks.

mp3: "Wanting Want" by The Pity Party

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Solid list of EP's. CFCF's is a-may-zing!