Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#4 by suburban kids with biblical names

I want to live in the world Suburban Kids with Biblical Names seem to so gleefully inhabit. Theirs is a land of endless rhythm, hand-claps, bells, and glee. Always with the glee. Off-key vocals? No problem! Enthusiasm will carry us though. If expatriating isn't an option, can I at least hang out for an extended weekend?

The newest in a string of creatively named EPs and LPs, #4 (out today,) encapsulates all of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names slacker charms and lackadaisical musical tropes.

Although fitting well within the band's canon, "Studenter på flak," is a first for Suburban Kids With Biblical Names in two respects. Not only is it their first offering in their native tongue (for more strictly Swedish delights, see lead man Johan Hedberg's solo project), but the first album as a whole where vocals scramble to keep up with the seemingly frenetic pace. The gifted little brothers of the Labrador family have woken up and are suddenly striving to make the grade, win your heart, and finish accepting friends requests from their adoring new Myspace fans. Here's hoping they succeed wildly.

mp3: "1999" by Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

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Suesjoy said...

Long time no visit yer bloggie! :)

I am going to raid it SOON for ideas on female singers for my demo, k?

Thanks for your moral support.
But did I work out today???
Bad Sue.