Monday, February 16, 2009

everyone all at once by the rest

Clearly I've been doing something right. Lately, amazing music has been dropping into the Would-Be Hipster inbox, ripe for the picking. A few more weeks like this and I'll have to take up eating bon-bons and watching my "stories" to whittle away all my extra hours previously spent hunting down these sorts of gems...

Carrying on.

America, we're about to get a good 'ol fashioned ass whoopin' from our neighbors up north. Yes, our Salvation Army can take out their actual army -- but I'm seriously starting to worry about our place in the international music war. Canada's newest recruits, Ontario-based seven-piece The Rest have toured with their nation's finest (anyone who's a friend of Final Fantasy is a friend of mine), and, even more terrifying, their press-release brags that they "speak snow." These are the sort of things that keep me up at night. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Everyone All At Once plays with a startling sophistication -- this is the sort of orchestral sonic assault that should have Win Butler looking over his shoulder. Yes, I'm going there and making the Arcade Fire comparison. I might be sipping on the blogger Kool-Aid, but The Rest is clearly chugging from some musically-enchanted Canuck fountain. Ya know, the kind that promises reckless musical abandon, lead singers with a uniquely nasally range, and the sort of emotionally gripping swells that will have movie music supervisors come knocking sooner than later. Can I get that bottled?

In a display of kindness, The Rest let us chose what song to offer to our readers. I might as well have thrown a dart into their track listing. Even with my inability to hit the broad side of the barn, it was a mission where there was simply no going wrong. Enjoy the early warning -- because The Rest will be commanding the next Canadian invasion. 

mp3: "Walk on Water (Auspicious Beginnings)" by The Rest