Friday, February 6, 2009

lie to me by kingsbury

If your friends tell you blogging is hard work, try not to laugh too hard. Seriously, it's rude -- even if your blogging pals are a bunch of wimps. Who can complain about mouse finger strain when overlooked gems like Kingsbury's newest EP Lie to Me is conveniently dropped in your inbox? See? Piece of pie cake.

Initially, it was my jaded desire to have a good laugh that made me check them out. On their website and press materials, Kingsbury liken themselves to Sigur rós, which when placed on a band influence list usually signals complete and utter delusion1. Kind of like saying you're the next next Beatles. Well, let me be the first to tell you: they aren't far off the mark. There are decided elements of everyone's favorite Icelandic post-rockers. However, it's just that -- an influence. Kingsbury's catalog stretches far beyond simple imitation of their forefathers. Now they've gone so far as to create a complete album worth listening to from start to finish. In the digital age. Will wonders ever cease?

This is heavy stuff. Clocking in at six songs and a shade over twenty-five minutes, it's an exhausting listen -- for all the right reasons. Between the layers of post-rock guitar and melodramatic vocals, two things are abundantly clear: 1) these are real musicians, and 2) I still have a hard time believing much of the this was recorded live. Come to LA. Prove me wrong. On their website, the band mentions that one of their goals was write one of the most artistically meaningful records to ever come out of Florida. While I'll leave their success to be judged by fellow Floridians, as far as I'm concerned, they've got a pretty good jump on securing the title.

Of course, I do have to complain -- Kingsbury's giving it away. The entire Lie to Me EP. All of it. In fact, every last mp3 in their musical-candy store is up for grabs. Free. Seriously dudes, how am I supposed to to maintain a level of self-righteous blogger elitism when you're giving away the whole mess to anyone with an Internet connection? Don't you realize how hard this is?

1. Blogging = not hard. However, it will turn you into a judgmental mess. Hi, I'm a terrible person...have we met?

mp3: "Lie to Me" by Kingsbury
mp3: "Back in the Orange Grove" by Kingsbury

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Anonymous said...

With The Nightcrawlers having recorded "Little Black Egg" in Florida, Kingsbury's set themselves quite a task.