Friday, February 27, 2009

persuader by pooma

File this one under "stuff I should have really known about two years ago." But since Pooma felt it necessary to drop their album Persuader into my inbox on Wednesday (along with a letter hinting at an upcoming American rerelease), and their myspace mentions they're "concentrating on new material," now is as good of a time as any to get caught up, right? The Finnish promotional machine works in mysterious ways.

Produced by Gunnar Örn Tynes of Múm and drawing on "scandinavian melancholy", Persuader has the same, introspective shoegaze charm I find myself becoming more and more taken with. I tend to be a meaning and lyrics girl -- therein lies my issue with most of the genre. At the end of the day I find myself drawn to the human voice and lyrics. Although I'll be the first to argue that content can be given meaning though musical form -- as is the case with vocalist Tuire Lukka's haunting refrain of "would you" in the song so appropriately titled "Would You."

I hate to over-generalize based on location (even if I, as an American, am currently sitting in my enormous pajama pants, snacking, and watching a perfectly good Friday afternoon slide by my open window), but after first growing hopelessly attached to Iceland's Bang Gang and now sincerely enjoying my first introduction to Pooma, there might be something to this whole Scandinavian shoegaze thing.  This is the sort of heartfelt, melodramatic, birthed by personal experience music with a personal history I simply can't conceive. No really, my brain would freeze over just trying to wrap my mind around a single winter. Maybe it's true what they say: the grass is always just a bit greener, and, from my place in the California sunshine: Pooma's melodies are just a bit cooler.

mp3: "Snow" by Pooma


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