Sunday, February 1, 2009

theresa andersson @ hotel cafe

Posts about Theresa Andersson will continue until morale improves. Don't make me come to your house for a listening party to prove first-hand how lovely her music is. Actually...wait. That sounds like a great idea. I'll bring the pie.

Between the gestalt of Theresa's newest album Hummingbird, Go! and her always delightful woman-of-all-trades live shows, she's quickly establishing herself as something of a musical Vladimir Nabokov, who -- for those who aren't currently experiencing a reignited love affair with their long forgotten college reading list1 -- was a Russian author responsible for writing a great "American" novel. Yes, I'm referring to Lolita. Another in a long tradition of foreign born artists who've come to call our country home and managed to appropriate and expand upon our art better than most native sons (and daughters) -- an enlightened, pseudo-intellectual way of saying "art has no borders." You can't argue with the results of all this intellectual trade. Performing with the zest of southern big tent revivalist and singing with a soul peppered full of New Orleans congeniality, it's difficult not to be whole-heartedly drawn into Theresa's perpetual on-stage party for one. Not Swedish music. Not American music. Just another girl with delicious sonic layers and catchy turns of phrase reminding us what's it's like to live, dance, and love. Not bad for a Friday night out, huh?

Now I've ranted, and will continue to rant about the beauty and wonder of live sampling. There are blessed few performers who can pull off advanced levels of knob twitting while frolicking -- and even fewer who can do it while maintaining pitch perfect vocals. But to make it look equally easy in both the understated, sweet "The Waltz" and set barn-burner "Na Na Na"? Yes, I believe the old-Hollywood term for that is "triple threat." Another one of those old timey sayings? A picture is worth a thousand words. Which, in that case, video is worth a hushed silence and a few goosebumps:

How can you not want to see that live? Previously, I mentioned that you should catch her show while she's still a hidden gem. That time is quickly drawing to a close. Catch her Conan O'Brien this Wednesday -- 'cause something tells me after that, our secret's out.

Edit: Cool!

1. The truth: In practice for becoming the geek I am today I first read it in high school, wrapping the cover in a paper bag to keep parental curiosity at bay. Scandal!

mp3: "Birds Fly Away" by Theresa Andersson
mp3: "Na Na Na" by Theresa Andersson

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