Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine's day

I didn't realize until the third or forth listen how terribly dower this year's Valentine's day playlist is. Don't worry, I'm not as lovelorn on this lovely day as these songs might suggest. My cat and I love Valentine's Day!

mp3: "The Boy I Wish I Never Met" A Smile and a Ribbon
mp3: "You Broke My Heart" by Lavender Diamond
mp3: "This Boy (Beatles cover)" by Rufus Wainwright
mp3: "I Love You You Imbecile" by Pelle Carlberg
mp3: "Young Love" by Moto Boy
mp3: "I Can't Make Someone Love Me With A Song (But I Can Try)" by Lisa Bouvier
mp3: "Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover)" by The Get Up Kids
mp3: "SHARK ATTACK" by Salty Pirates (now The Weather In Sweden)
mp3: "Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths Cover)" by Noah And The Whale
mp3: "Tonite, You Belong To Me" by Cold War Kids


*daisy said...

WONDERFUL playlist! i'm totally loving it! one thing tho- I think the "tonite, you belong to me" might be corrupted? it sounds like it's having audio trouble or something...

(i've checked my end of things- everything else played ok, just that one track keeps loading up all... garbled and scrambled up sounding...)

LMS said...

Thanks! I'll look into that.