Monday, February 2, 2009

work of art by the high fives

Today I present: rock. No sub-categories. No multi-layered influences. No gimmicks. Don't let the horn section fool you, it's just seven guys with guitars and energy to spare. Shocking I know. Meet The High Fives.

How about some specifics? This is straight-up unpretentious rock, the sort of cathartic crashing songs about girls and growing up you used to love in high school. (Yes you!) Well, it's back. And chances are, the grown-up you needs a moshpit-style dance break more than you're willing to admit. (Lately it's all come down to my desire to dance. Call me the Billy Elliot of bloggers.)

Their newest offering (and for all I know, first...unless discussing food, Swedish press releases are all but lost on me.) Work of Art (available now), might actually be just that -- a work of art. As their name suggests, The High Fives have captured a youthful zeitgeist on record, that precious time when power chords are everything and you ...don't wish for any kind of future, [you] don't wish for a brand new computer. Of course, had they been an American band, said future would have long since been sewn up by Vagrant Records. If our worlds collide and that happens, I'll happily take any and all Mac products passed your way.

mp3: "Duracell" by The High Fives

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Johan said...

Great review. You have to love the high fives.