Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bite my tongue by friday bridge

I'm a sucker for a catchy pop tune set to synths. Honestly, it's that simple. Needless to say, Friday Bridge,'s delicious auditory anachronisms immediately caught my ear. Musical kissing-cousins to fellow Swedish-synth revivalists Sally Shapiro and Cloetta Paris, the band's noted goal is to create musical perfection. While this may be a pretty difficult goal to obtain, or even measure for that matter, we at CWBH -- regardless of personal tastes -- applaud bands with mission statements...probably owing to our complete lack of one.

More musically aggressive than its predecessor, Bite My Tongue (out today), has shed most of Intricacy's harpsichord in favor of driving dance beats: an innovation no more obvious than album opener "How To Spend It." This is a band interested in perfection though gradual evolution. It seems to be working. Bite My Tongue is a step forward from their charming debut, which found Friday Bridge creating dignified, albeit ivory tower pop. This time, the duo has stepped out to play with the common folks, and believe me, we're all the better for it.

Of course, certain hallmarks are still in place. Still present is the tantalizing smattering of French lyrics (any band that can satisfy both my Francophile nature and synth love gets extra bonus points, redeemable for your choice of pie, bien sûr), slick, almost mechanical production values, and singer Ylva Lindberg's glamor-girl vocals. The resulting music feels pulled completely out of time: the demure turn-of-the-century ingenue consorting with the 1980s party boy. It's incredibly easy to romanticize Friday Bridge's catalogue: past, present, and (with any luck) future. Which, given their stated goals, might actually qualify their work as perfect after all.

mp3: "Shanghi Shipping" by Friday Bridge

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