Sunday, March 29, 2009

the good feeling music of dent may & his magnificent ukulele by dent may

Ever since I got my grubby mitts on Dent May's self-released EP, A brush with Velvet, at some point last year, I knew I wanted to hear more; but alas, Dent May was not signed and his myspace was not updated. I cried. Then I refreshed the webpage and listened to the songs again. Then I cried some more.

Luckily for all us emotionally fragile would-be hipsters, Dent May signed to Paw Tracks late last year -- and since then I've been up in arms about getting a copy of the result of that beautiful union -- namely, the good feeling music of dent may & his magnificent ukulele, and my friends, I'm proud to say it was worth the wait.

OK, get a recording studio -- then, throw in a little lounge, a dash of exotica and a little folky-home-grown, glasses-wearing nerdiness and season the whole thing heavily with irony and a frail-sounding croon. What do you get? 100 percent awesome, that's what. Good feeling music is like a handmade quilt of sounds -- referencing and taking from all sorts of genres and stitching them together into a lovely (and useful) gift that in the end -- somehow -- manages to stay totally and distinctly itself. It's not lounge, it's not folk... it's ...Dent May.

May's sweet, lilting lyrics detailing the beautiful failures and exquisite mediocrities of life are packed with wit and fun. College Town Boy details the epic of a post-college failure; Other notable tracks include Howard, washed up star; At the Academic Conference and I'm an alcoholic. Dent May's knit a world of loungy, easy-to-love tunes that just keep rolling around in my head. Check it out.

mp3: "Meet Me in the Garden" by Dent May
mp3: "I'm an Alcoholic" by Dent May

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