Friday, April 17, 2009

eden, how we miss you by the dandelion council

Friend, musician, Plastic Snow cohort, and occasional "guest hipster" The Dandelion Council's (a.k.a. Pip Craighead and assorted friends) newest EP, Eden, How We Miss You, is out now on iTunes.

Let me step out of my completely unbiased blogger persona for a moment: Yea!

After having previously admitted that his various musical incarnations (our friendship has endured though several mini-genre shifts, band name changes and lineups) are directly responsible for my ongoing interest in electronica1, I'm happy to say that The Dandelion Council's newest offering represents a continuing maturation and increased musical sensitivity. This is wonderfully peaceful ambient music, with cleverly placed tonal hues assuring it never grows monotonous or repetitive. With songs like the soothing "Atop Mount Wilson, 1978" or the echo-filled "Starlit Days and Nights" playing like lost breezes in the titular garden's summer days, this is the sound of quiet ambition realized. In short -- the sound of a mini auditory paradise.

1.And the majority of posts in March.

mp3: "Atop Mount Wilson, 1978" by The Dandelion Council

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