Friday, April 3, 2009

fantasies by metric

I'm just going to come right out and say it -- I really like Fantasies (out April 14th). It's a little too early to use the other L-word; we only met a few weeks ago and haven't had the crucial relationship-defining moment. It's probably too early to say if we'll be spending weekends and holidays together...but it's decidedly a watershed moment. Fantasies is the first of Metric's albums that I've managed to not only listen to from start to finish, but really enjoy.

This isn't to say this love isn't completely unprecedented, even if it is surprising. Three years ago, Metric lead-woman Emily Haines released a solo album -- a collection of moody melancholic tunes that were simply stunning. (If you haven't yet experienced Knives Don't Have Your Back, go buy a copy. Don't worry, I'll wait here.) However, after extensively touring behind the album, Haines suddenly had the epiphany, mid-concert, that sad isn't the new happy, it's just sad. Thus, the gang is back together and the aggressive indie-electro rock is flying.

But will the album fly with hardcore fans? So far, reviews are somewhat mixed. My personal favorite is one user who likened Fantasies to a Gossip Girl soundtrack. Now, I don't know about that -- I've never seen the show. But due to m.a.b.'s insistence, I've recently become a die-hard Dr.Who fan. Since I've never thought of myself as that kind of geek before now1, I've since learned it's best to leave one's options open. Who knows, maybe cheesy shows about teens with too much money and time might actually be my kind of thing2.

Maybe Metric fans aren't ones for uniformity. (Feel free to correct and or rant at this assumption.) Unlike previous albums, which hopscotched across ideas and genres (thus lending to my personal assumption that Metric is hit-or-miss at best), Fantasies is neatly cohesive from the start -- any song could be pulled out as a single. While this does lend the album a homogeneous air, it's hard to argue with their collective abilities to start parties (nothing, but nothing, says good times and "Stadium Love" like pitting a "cougar vs. snake") ...or heated fan debate.

All this joy and energy, and yet I, emo child, still find myself attached to Knives Don't Have Your Back-referencing lyrics in album highlight "Twilight Galaxy": Thinking sorrow was perfection, I'd wallow till you told me, there's no glitter in the gutter there's no Twilight Galaxy.... No glitter in the gutter, maybe, but there's more than a fair share of sparkle to Fantasies.

1. Note from m.a.b.: I'm pretty sure I'm meant to be offended here. Doctor Who fans are the loveliest, smartest, and most agreeable sort. Until they get drunk and start tripping over their scarves.
2. Unlikely.

mp3: "Monster Hospital" by Metric (from the album Live it Out)
mp3: "Doctor Blind" by Emily Haines (from the album Knives Don't Have Your Back)


la-underground said...

we think it's the best record they've ever done.

Anonymous said...

Stadium Love is the album closer, not Twilight Galaxy.

LMS said...

Thanks -- I was working off a promo download copy and I think there might have been a few tracks switched.